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Just in time for the 100th Anniversary of WWI.
Easy aluminum tube and gusset construction.
No Taildragger time required!
Over 40 pages of 11" x 17" CAD drawings.
70 page Construction Manual
with Materials list.
Technical Support from designer.
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Welcome to the Official Voisin 3/5 Aircraft website.

The Voisin 3/5 is a representative scale replica of a 1915 French reconnaissance/bomber built for WWI.
The Voisin aircraft were built in various series, most changes due to engine size. This 60% (3/5th s) scale replica uses features from the series 3 and series 5 models thus the double entendre of the aircraft name.
For those of you who have been following this website, you know by now that the Voisin 3/5 Replica has moved a little beyond the 'Project' stage. Having designed, built, flown, and tinkered over the past few years, I can now proclaim my Voisin 3/5 aircraft a true flying machine. All of the goals set at the beginning of the design stage have been met.
The main four goals were to:
1) Build it airworthy and inspected according to US FAA regulations pertaining to Experimental/Amateur Built Aircraft.
2) Fly to Oshkosh for the biggest homebuilt fly-in in the world.
3) Fly to the Gathering of Eagles WWI fly-in at Gardner, Kansas, and
4) attain over 100 flight hours on the aircraft, which actually occurred on the flight home from Gardner.

Now that those goals have been achieved, and due to many who have asked that I share this design, I have finally put together an organized compilation of the notes, scribbles, drawings and doodles in manual and plans form for your education and enjoyment.

On the specifications page you will see this is not a fast airplane. It is not an aerobatic airplane. It is just a low and slow, great view, open air aircraft, with some historical notability, that will draw a crowd where ever it goes. My dream is to see more than a couple flying together over the countryside.

Notable features of the Voisin include an easy to inspect structure because of the almost completely exoskeletal build. Only the aileron bell cranks are inside the lower wings. A unique kernel covering allows quick access to internal components if necessary.

The cockpit can be adjusted during the build to fit the pilot; up to 30 wide!

And one of the best features is, it is one of the few WWI aircraft that does not require a tail wheel endorsement!

The future goals and intents of the Voisin as a project are to incorporate the modifications determined necessary to more easily transport the airplane on a trailer and to conceptualize, design and build a 2-place aircraft.

Keep abreast of what that future holds in the NEWS section toward the bottom of this page, and navigate through the various pages to learn about the design and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask a question or make a comment via the Contact Us page.

October 1st 2014
Introductory pricing continued! $150
By popular demand, a Study Planset is now available for $100. This set includes all Drawings printed in black and white on 8.5 x 14 standard copy paper, and the Construction Manual printed in black and white on 8.5 x 11 paper.
The Study Planset will not include the Materials List or Technical Support, but will have a Serial Number. An aircraft could be built from this set, but will require more expertise from the builder.
If, in the future, a full size set is required, submit the difference between the Study Planset cost and the then current Full size Planset cost. A new upgraded planset will be sent to you with the same Serial Number and will include Technical Support.
Enclose a note with your order and payment that the Study Planset is desired.
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Corey Butcher

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