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Listed here are websites to suppliers and organizations of the products and services I am using for the Voisin. I will add or amend to the list as necessary.

Commercial Links
All of the following resources were used
in the building of the Voisin 3/5

Air Trikes of Canada >> North American SPG-2 Redrive distributor
Leading Edge AirFoils >> Light aircraft parts supplier
Wicks Aircraft Supply >> Aircraft parts supplier
Lockwood Aviation Supply >> Aircraft parts supplier
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty >> Aircraft parts supplier
AirParts of Kansas City >> Aluminum Supplier for the Voisin
GSC Props >> Propellor used on the Voisin
Stewart Systems >> Good fabric covering system
Culver Props >> Culver Props
Builder References

Experimental Aircraft Association >> Support your local chapter
The Kansas City Dawn Patrol >> Useful Tips and Tricks
FAA Small Aircraft links >>Document and Information resource for Homebuilt aircraft
FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-1B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices
Covering Method videos >>The Stewart System (similar to what was done on the Voisin 3/5).
Historical References
These websites and organizations have considerable WWI aviation information.

Replica Fighters Association >> Keeping aviation history alive and flying!
Extensive Voisin History >> Good site with lots of photos
Great War Aeroplanes Association >>Good newsletter and yearly reenactors fly-in
The Aerodrome >> All about WWI aviation
The other replica Voisin >> History and video of the only other flyable replica in the world
Online Forums
Eventually there will be a Voisin 35 Aircraft forum when the interest and number of builders dictate, but until then, here are a few I am a member of. I check these about once a week.
Yahoo FlyGeo
another Yahoo FlyGeo
Vintage Ultralight and Lightplane Assoc.
Yahoo Fly5k

Corey Butcher
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