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Frequently Asked Questions will be added as they come in.

How much does it cost to build?
In 2004 to 2007 dollars about $7500. Of course, I had a lot of design cost in that amount. I built two fuselages before I was happy with the size. I went through two wheel and brake systems. I replaced the covering on one wing because of not cleaning correctly before painting. Very messy. The cost of material in the structure at first flight was just over $5000. Two thousand of that was the engine and redrive. I believe I could build the Voisin in 2014 for under $7500 considering inflation and material availability.

Are any special tools required?
None specifically. A very good Nicopress tool is a must. A hand rivet tool was used for the blind rivets , but if I were to do it again, I would use a pneumatic rivet gun.

How long to build?
The prototype took about 1200 hours to build, but that included correcting design mistakes, and a lot of staring at parts and structure, wondering how to take the next step. The plans eliminate a lot of those mistakes and glassy-eyed time. An experienced builder could complete the build in under 700 hours.

Is the Voisin an Ultralight?
Depending on where you are in the world, maybe. In the U.S. it definitely is not. It weighs about 275 to 300 lbs without an engine.

What kind of pilots license is required?
A minimum of a Sport Pilots license in the United States. The Voisin is eligible to be flown as a light sport aircraft.

How far will it fly on a tank of gas?
Depending on the engine and fuel rate, as long as your body allows. With the Geo 1.0L engine and a tank that holds 7 gallons, I have flown 2.5 hours at one time and still had 1.75 gallons in the tank, good enough for the reserve, but 2.5 hours wreaked havoc on my body. It was time to land! During ground testing, I could make the engine stutter with a gallon or less in the tank by rocking the structure to extreme positions such as holding the wingtip to the ground, or holding the tail on the ground.

Why a single seat when the original had two?
Yes, the original had two seats, and I do have plans on paper to build a two place, but that is after a few other projects. The reason for the single seat was simplicity. This was basically a proof of concept build and I needed to make sure it was viable before going to the expense of two seats. An ELT would be required, and according to my math, probably bigger wing spars.

How did you cover and paint the airplane?
The specifics are in the plans manual, but basically the wings and tail surfaces were covered with generic 1.8 oz fabric painted with latex house paint. The fuselage was covered with aluminum house flashing about .012 thick and prepainted. Cable tie mounts were riveted to the flashing in strategic places and is fastened with UV resistant cable ties. It allows for easy removal and replacement if ever access to the fuselage arises. The bottom panel is screwed on with nut plates, as access to the bottom of the fuselage is much more frequent.

Corey Butcher
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