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How nice it would be to make a living just selling airplane plans, but since we all know that is usually not the case, a real job is a requirement if I'm to afford food and shelter. I have been involved with aviation long enough to know that plans and kit support can range from extraordinarily good to completely nonexistent. Eventually my goal is to be of instant help when called upon, but for now, a few hours wait may be necessary. I know it will be inconvenient for some, but I prefer all communication with me begin with an email via the Voisin35.com website. I answer all my email within 24 hours. Most within six hours. Usually, questions can be answered in the reply if you have stated your question clearly and concisely. If you feel your question can't wait, my phone number is listed below, but please remember I am in the Central Time Zone and would prefer calls before midnight and after 6 am.
Of course, you may send me a message the old fashioned way via my postal address.

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Voisin 3/5 Aircraft
c/o Corey Butcher
2940 Arney Ave
State Center, IA 50247

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