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Standard Price of Deluxe Planset is $150! (Shipping included)
There are still a few pre-printed Plan-sets available for immediate delivery

Two pre-printed Study Plansets are also available for immediate delivery. Details of the Study set is below.

Ordering instructions below.

Email or call with any questions you may have.

I would hope all who purchase plans and then build a Voisin 3/5 airplane would know that they are the manufacturer and builder and take full responsibility for their work; would understand the plans are for educational use and may contain errors; would realize the prototype is the only aircraft the plans are based on; would accept that the experimental nature of the design and building of the prototype means there is no guarantee or warranty that any aircraft built from the plans will be a duplicate of the prototype; and would understand the Voisin 3/5 aircraft plans are sold as is and there will be no refunds. However, I'm advised that simply stating the obvious isn't enough anymore. The following order form, Waiver of Liability and Terms of Agreement say the same thing, but with the legal language necessitated because of the tort environment.

Right Click here to save the form to your computer, then open up the forms for printing in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Read the order form directions thoroughly and follow the instructions. Allow four to six weeks for delivery after receipt of the order and payment. Overseas may be longer.

Current price of the full size Deluxe Planset as of January 1st, 2017 is $150 which includes actual domestic shipping cost. Shipping to other countries will be actual postage costs. Extra fees and/or taxes other countries charge for receiving a package will be the responsibility of the purchaser/receiver. If you, or your country have special shipping requirements, please include instructions with your order.

By popular demand, a Study Planset is now available for $75. This set includes all Drawings printed in black and white on 8.5 x 14 standard copy paper, and an abridged Construction Manual also printed in black and white on 8.5 x 11 paper and sent via lowest cost carrier.
The Study Planset will not include the Materials List or Technical Support, but will have a Serial Number. An aircraft could be built from this set, but will require more expertise from the builder.
If, in the future, a full size set is required, submit the difference between the Study Planset cost and the then current Full size Planset cost. A new upgraded planset will be sent to you with the same Serial Number and will include the Materials List, larger and heavier paper, a deluxe binder and Technical Support. Shipping cost will be added to upgraded plansets.
Enclose a note with your order and payment that the Study Planset is desired.

Most shippers websites, including USPS, have a calculator for determining the rate. Use 3 lbs (1.36 kg) for the weight and US Zip Code 50247 as origin. It will be in a box and considered a package, not an envelope. Preferred method in the US is USPS Priority in a Medium Flat-Rate box.

Method of payment will determine when plans are sent. The no-delay methods of payment will be a United States Postal Service money order, a payment via PayPal, or cash (not recommended). All other forms of payment including personal checks, travelers cheques, cashiers checks, and other money orders will require an additional two weeks to clear.

If you desire to pay with PayPal, send a note along with your order forms and I will email you a payment e-address. DO NOT PAY with PayPal before you receive the payment e-address. Plans will not be printed/personalized/shipped until payment is completed.

Price changes will be posted with a date, so if you sent your order before the price change but your order arrived after the change, the amount you sent will be honored.

Read the above then


Corey Butcher
Copyright 2017